Totide London


Our Short History


Totide was born from an idea of three friends, Marco Mattia and Cristian, from Emilia Romagna, a region famous all over the world thanks to Ferrari, Lamborghini or celebrities like Pavarotti and Fellini but also for the best food and wine.

The gastronomic excellencies of Emilia Romagna were rated by Forbes magazine as the best in the world, why not bring it in London?
To make it real and possible there is a deep and accurate research of the feedstock, that we personally choose in little local enterprises that produce each single product following old traditions, obviously without missing the BIO and ECO-friendly aspect to always guarantee you an authentic product of high quality.
All of our products come freshly from Emilia Romagna each week.

It is the same for the wine that we have chosen from some small enterprises of Emilia Romagna and other region to serve you the best quality during your meal and your time with some friends.
Coming to Totide it will be like a trip in our land, tasting the food of grandma served with a glass of good wine.”


Mattia, 27, graduated from hotel management school with honors, worked as a chef for 7 years in several renowned restaurants in Italy, three years ago he decided to move to London to increase her experience becoming manager in a major London restaurant .

Marco, 27, also a graduate of hotel management school, worked as a chef for several restaurants in Emilia Romagna, linked by a strong friendship with Matt, fell in love with London in one of the many trips he made to visit him , from one of these did the idea of Totide London.

Cristian, 33, graduate in business management, long-time friend of Marco, has a priceless passion for good food and good wine, runs a restaurant in Italy, he adds the managerial and administrative knowledge that complements the company.



Totide means “every day ” in the dialect of Emilia Romagna for this offers an extensive menu that can be consumed on all occasions , consists of appetizers , salads , pasta dishes , main courses and desserts all strictly cooked and prepared according to traditional Emilian -romagnola.

Almost all of our dishes are now famous all around the world as lasagna, tortellini, ravioli, balsamic vinegar, Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, but also lesser-known dishes if not unknown as “tigelle” and “gnocco fritto”… a simple dish of our tradition that today accompanied by our cured meats and cheeses became a real delicacy almost exclusive and typical of our region.
All our dishes are the result of constant and careful research of the feedstock, we selected and we bring weekly personally to London by small producers who work every day to create culinary excellence in the respect of our traditions without compromising on the modern aspects of environmental sustainability and health.
The recipes of our dishes reflect the ancient traditions of our sites, recipes handed down from generation to generation the fruit of ancient knowledge and endless passion for cooking that always identifies us, thus giving ‘rise to genuine and authentic dishes reporting faithfully the flavors and sensations of our land …
When you come to Totide you don’t just sit at the table to “eat” but you go on a journey to discover our region and its culture..