Emilian Traditional Specialties

Emilian Traditional Specialties

At Totide can sample a whole Emilian specialties ..the gnocco fritto and tigelle!

Poor dishes of the country tradition that today you consume during dinner with friends accompanied by cold cuts and cheeses.

The gnocco fritto we will discuss in a future article … but now we find out what are the tigelle …

Crescentine, actually this is the original name of this dish, have fed up to not many years ago the Emilian Apennine populations, which in the not very distant have experienced periods of extreme famine.

They boast a very ancient tradition and represent the example of a food tradition that was reason in shortage of ingredients to be used for preparing the table everyday.

Obtained from a simple mixture of water, flour and salt, even if today is used to add milk and sometimes a bit ‘of lard or olive oil, small and soft, were cooked by the fire of the chimney in the middle of round stones refractory precisely what is called tigelle, whose etymology comes from the Latin verb “tegere” or cover.

They were stacked inside the two stones in two separate from a leaf of chestnut, which offered the essential flavor and moisture so that the heat does not spoil the dough.

He used to prepare and cook them first and after warm them by the fire at the time that were served at the table.
Today they are now known to all as the tigelle, there are many restaurants in Emilia Romagna where accompanied by gnocco fritto, cured meats and cheese are the main dish if not often the only one who is served.

Now that you know a bit of history of this dish of our tradition … you just need to try to meet you Totide … we are sure you will be thrilled !!!